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Expert determination

Unless you have been involved in the process, expert determination may mean very little to you. However, as the number of corporate transact...

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5 Sep 2016

CPD seminar 'Divorce, Separation and the Capital Gains Tax issues'

Our first CPD seminar of 2015 will take place on 3 February 2015 at our Coventry office.

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6 Jan 2015

Loss of profit calculations

As Forensic Accountants we are fully aware that the calculation of loss of profits is not always as simple as it could be.  In cases of...

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15 Dec 2014

Due Diligence

If you are buying or selling a business, you will want to maximise its value.  Preparing property for the sale of your business can help you to realise its full worth and ease the vending process.  Conversely, ensuring that due diligence is completed when buying a business helps you to evaluate exactly what you purchasing.

As a dedicated team of specialists we undertake a high number of company valuations year on year, making us experts in the field of assessing the true valuation of a business.  We can help you to benefit fully from the sale of your business by:

  • preparing transparent company accounts, enabling the buyer to expedite the sale
  • systemise your business prior to sale, thereby maximising its value
  • provide a realistic valuation of your business
  • advise on tax liabilities from the value of the sale
  • recommend specialist solicitors or liaise with a legal adviser of your choice
And for clients who are considering purchasing a business, we provide full peace of mind by:
  • adhering to stringent processes that identify exactly what you are buying
  • extracting warranties from the vendor on any points of query
  • investigating the viability of the business and identifying its full potential
  • negotiating a fair price and ensuring all safeguards are in place to protect your investment

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