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Business valuations

Business valuation is a specialised area of accountancy.  Our forensic team have a wealth of experience in valuing businesses across a wide variety of industry sectors, in different structures and of varying size and complexity. 

The key to any valuation is to understand the business and the market in which it operates.  Valuation is more than just reading the accounts and putting some numbers into a formula.  The experienced business valuer will look at much more than just the accounts of the business in arriving at a valuation.

Our valuation work can be carried out as part of contentious dispute resolution matters for example shareholder disputes, or in non-contentious scenarios such as valuations for keyman insurance.  We also undertake fiscal valuation work in respect of the restructuring of businesses, shareholder incentive schemes, probate matters, and other areas where agreement with HMRC might be necessary.



Our team provided valuation advice to a US company wishing to restructure its European operations and offer equity incentives to certain employees.  We advised on the market valuations of the individual divisions to allow the restructuring to take place in a tax efficient way.  The restructuring and valuations were scrutinised by the US and UK tax authorities.


We were involved in the valuation of a commercial agency following termination of the UK agency by the European principal.  The nature of the industry meant sales followed a specific cyclical pattern which needed to be understood in valuing the goodwill of the agency for compensation purposes.  We provided our valuation report and assisted at the successful round table settlement meeting.


We valued a niche market solicitors' practice for incorporation.  We were able to successfully argue for a substantial goodwill valuation.  This was initially challenged by HMRC on the basis that it represented personal goodwill and therefore could not be sold to the new company.  Following discussions with HMRC, agreement was reached that the goodwill was not personal and could be attributed to the practice itself and was therefore capable of being sold to the new company.

Preparing to Sell

When it comes to selling your business, you will want to maximise the return on your investment by selling at a peak market valuation.  The ability to achieve this outcome and your desired exit route will depend largely upon the expertise of your advisers.

Exit Planning and Disposals

Exit planning is an important consideration for any business owner.  Whether you want to maximise your wealth at retirement or leave the business in safe hands.

Due Diligence

If you are buying or selling a business, you will want to maximise its value.  Preparing properly for the sale of your business can help you to realise its full worth and ease the vending process.  Conversely, ensuring that due diligence is completed when buying a business helps you to evaluate exactly what you are purchasing.

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