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2014 infographic

As we count down the days left in 2014, we thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on what the team at Prime Forensic has achieved, and share with you some of our key facts and figures.

Loss of profit calculations

As Forensic Accountants we are fully aware that the calculation of loss of profits is not always as simple as it could be.  In cases of business interruption, profits may be lost for a period of time (the interruption) and then return to pre interruption levels, so in theory the loss in the interruption period is simply the likely profits given the known pre and post interruption actual profits.

Expert determination

Unless you have been involved in the process, expert determination may mean very little to you. However, as the number of corporate transactions begin to increase the scope and potential for contractual disputes also increases.

Presentation to resolution

Two of our Directors, Adrian Pym and Ruth Chapman recently presented a seminar to Resolution members on topical tax and valuation issues, including quasi-partnerships, minority discounts, Employee Benefit Trusts and Capital Gains Tax.
Adrian Pym

29 Sep 2014


Given the recent economic downturn, the issue of a company’s liquidly and its ability to make payments to the business owner to fund matrimonial settlements has become an ever more important part of our instructions.

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