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June 2014

Reasons for a change of expert

In a further case concerning a change of expert, the Judge held that a change of expert was not to be allowed without a good reason for the original expert ceasing to work on the case.  Merely stating that 'the expert had declined to continue to act' was not sufficient reason to allow the change.

Assessing Business Income in Matrimonial Cases - CPD seminar

Income can be assessed in different ways depending on the business structure and remuneration style adopted and is an area, which in our experience, is commonly misunderstood.

Lifestyle vs Profits

In many marriages it is still common for one spouse to assume the money management role during the life of the marriage and seldom do both spouses have equal knowledge of the couple's financial affairs.

The role of the expert in matrimonial cases

Recent changes in the family law procedures mean that "expert evidence will be restricted to that which in the opinion of the court is neccessary to assist the court to resolve the proceedings".  This of course raises the question as to when such evidence is necessary.