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Solicitors tax campaign

Solicitors are being given the chance by HMRC to bring their tax affairs up to date or face tougher penalties, as part of a new tax campaign...

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14 Jan 2015

CPD seminar 'Divorce, Separation and the Capital Gains Tax issues'

Our first CPD seminar of 2015 will take place on 3 February 2015 at our Coventry office.

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6 Jan 2015

2014 infographic

As we count down the days left in 2014, we thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on what the team at Prime Forensic has achieve...

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18 Dec 2014

Forensic Tax

Many disputes involve an element of tax, and routine tax implications are dealt with as part of the experts report on other issues.  However, we are finding more frequently that the tax issues, often complex schemes, are driving the litigation.  In such cases we are able to provide specific forensic tax advice from an experienced forensic accountant, and tax investigator.

Understanding the tax planning and/or tax product employed by a party can often be fundamental to settling the dispute.

Challenges from HMRC over the tax planning instigated by individuals and companies is likely to continue and increase in the future.  Our Forensic Tax experts have the experience of discussing complex issues with HMRC and can bring that experience to bear on defending cases from or bringing on cases against the tax authorities.

Complex tax arrangements are more common and parties are using the complexity to their advantage in litigation.  Schemes used to shelter income or gains from high rates often include loans which are technically repayable by the individual.  However, the reality is that these loans are never going to be repaid by the individual.  Any successful challenge by HMRC could result in a liability to tax, interest and also penalties.  The likelihood of such liabilities and the party on whom the liability falls is often overlooked in the face of complex tax arrangements, and the liability simply accepted.

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